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sexual orientation: tatiana maslany’s fangs image

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des-1994 said: NO BLANKETS?!?! okay well I was thinking of *maybe* going to Texas in the beginning of August for like a week…

There’s always the uncomfortable two days before leaving/after arriving when all your belongings are in storage. And during that time period you have a mattress and a sweater and a towel. And it’s a rough few nights so you’re looking for the booty to kidnap a cuddle buddy.

I’M SO SORRY, DARLING. We’re moving on the 17th of July. So if you do visit Texas, I’ll already be on my next adventure.

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des-1994 whispered:when do you go back to exotic Switzerland??? 

Sometime midway through August. I’m not sure what the exact date of my flight is. I’ll fly out of Phoenix for the long haul back. And then I’ll be on a bare mattress in my dorm snuggling with a towel until my storage arrives at my dorm! Ew.

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Ryan McCartan & Barret Wilbert Weed Freeze Your Brain Heathers the Musical

heathers the musical, track 004 -- (freeze your brain)

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the five of pentacles

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one of the reasons i’ve never really been all that interested in sports is because of the crowd tension like

please don’t yell at the players they’re trying their best

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i am moving into an apartment. i will not have a bed or a bedroom. everything i own goes into storage for a year and during most of that year i will be in lugano. everything i need is already in summer storage in lugano or fits in my suitcase.

so i am bringing exactly one box of things to the apartment

this is incredible